Lead Generation

Lead Generation with Facebook ads for local businesses

If you’re a business that offers services to people in your local area, I can generate leads for you by advertising your services on Facebook. Local lead generation is suitable for small businesses with a higher sales value like local gyms, yoga studios, dentists, chiropractors etc.

How does this work?

1. Your Amazing Offer

First we want to serve an ad to people with an offer they can’t refuse.

If you’re a chiropractor, this might be something like a free massage.

If you’re a dentist you might offer free teeth cleaning.

If you own a gym you might offer a free week.

It needs to be something that’s exciting enough for the person seeing it to take action.

Yes, you’re going to lose money on this initial offering. But that’s cool.

Your focus here is lead generation and getting people in.

2. Advertising

I will advertise your amazing offer on Facebook and Instagram. I will make (video) ads and I will make sure the targeting is right.

3. Follow up with the Leads

You will receive the leads (names and phone numbers) by email and/or text message. It’s your job to follow up as quickly as possible.

The magic happens once the leads is in the door and you’re providing the free treatment/offer as you’ll be able to spot other areas you can help them.

If you’re a dentist, do they need braces? Do they need fillings? Do they need teeth whitening?

If you’re a Chiropractor, is their spine misaligned? Do they have postural issues?

If you own a gym, this is the time to close a 1-year contract.

THIS is where you make your money.

4. Pricing and examples

Example: Currently I am working together with some gyms. The price per lead differs depending on the subscription model. Let’s assume the price per lead is $10. From every 10 leads 7 people actually visit the gym. And 3 people close a 1-year contract. The cost for each new client is 10 leads x $10 = $100 : 3 = $33.

I offer 2 different subscriptions. The first is “Pay per Lead”. You hereby pay a fixed amount per lead received. The price per lead depends on your niche and your offer. I am happy to make a calculation for you. Currently, the price per lead for gyms when offering a free week is $ 10 per lead.

The second option is a fixed amount of $ 250 per month. In addition, you pay with your own Facebook Ad account for the advertising costs of Facebook. The amount you pay per Facebook lead depends on your niche and offer. Gyms offering a free week currently pay between $ 2 and $ 3 per lead, depending on the area. This second option is usually cheaper when buying 2 or more leads a day.

Pay per Lead

You only pay for each lead you receive. The price per lead differs, depending on your niche and area.

If you fill in the form below (New Client Form) I will send you an email with an offer.

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscription $250

You need your own Ad account. If you don’t have one I can help you with the setup (read the FAQ for more info).

To start you can subscribe (make the monthly payment) with 1 of the buttons below. The other button gives access to the form for new clients.

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